Scooters: Downhill Gravity or Electric
``The Scooter... easier than the bike!``

Enduro Scoot’ for downhill gravity or electric Scoot’ for the ride

Follow your instincts!

Downhill Gravity Scoot'

The world of downhill mountain at your handlebars! bike park, valley descent and duo day, follow your desires!

73tracks downhill scooter rental location

Gravity Scooter Rental

Rent your enduro scooter and enjoy a fun and playful experience in the La Plagne bike park!

Rental by the hour, two hours, half day

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Scoot' & Raft Day

Two activities in one day!! Descent into the forest valley on the handlebars of an enduro scooter and then boarding a Raft with the whole group. Adrenaline guaranteed!!
Full day with instructors / guides for each activity

Gravity Scooter Day Tour

A day of thrills to take you through the most beautiful valley downhill trails on an enduro scooter supervised by a state-certified instructor / guide.

Full day with instructor / guide

E-Scoot' (Electric)


Spend unforgettable moments discovering the most beautiful landscapes of La Plagne without losing your physique!!

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E-Scoot' Rental (Electric)

Rent your twin-motor electric scooter and explore the confines of La Plagne effortlessly to enjoy every moment!

Half day rental 3h


E-Scooter Organized Ride

Discover the most beautiful landscapes of the region with our group outings accompanied by an instructor/guide.

2 hours ride


In winter for "après ski" Organized ride on an electric scooter

Fancy a fun and playful après-ski when the ski slopes close? Discover the electric scooter activity on snow in a group accompanied by an instructor/guide

1h30 activity


73Tracks have great ‘partners in crime’ who also offer some excellent activities. Feel free to contact them for more information…


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