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Private lessons for 1 to 3 people max.

Are you a complete beginner? An advanced mountain biker wanting to explore more? Need help with your technique? Would you like to build your confidence? Take a private 1 hour lesson with your own instructor and advance at a quicker rate. It’s great as you can do anything you want to do as the session is focused on just you and your needs.

  • BLUE PRICE: Bike Pack - Package deal includes lessons, mountain bike and protective kit (full face helmet, upper body armour, gloves, shin and knee pads) per session.
  • GREEN PRICE : Lessons only (no mountain bike or protection included).

Price list

Mini KidsBike Pack: 75 €
6 - 7 y/oLessons only: 50 €
KidsBike Pack: 75 €
8 - 11 y/oLessons only: 50 €
TeensBike Pack: 75 €
12 - 16 y/oLessons only: 50 €
AdultsBike Pack: 75 €
From 17 y/oLessons only: 50 €


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