Teen Tracks

From 12 to 16 years old…

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Looking for an introduction to mountain biking or want like to perfect your downhill style and technique? Look no further…

Our Teen Tracks group sessions are designed especially for teenagers. There is exactly the right amount of progress and fun, all shared with others of a similar age and ability. From green runs to blacks, obstacles to jumps (we even have our very own private Airbag in Plagne Centre). And on top of that there’s also plenty of excellent freeride biking to be done here.

Lessons start from 3 people. Get booking now!

  • BLUE PRICE: Bike Pack - Package deal includes lessons, mountain bike and protective kit (full face helmet, upper body armour, gloves, shin and knee pads) per session.
  • GREEN PRICE: Lessons only (no mountain bike or protection included).

Price list

Individual DH Session Rates
1 x 2 h 30
Bike PackLessons only
Bundle Rates
3 x 2 h 30
Bike PackLessons only
5 x 2 h 30
Bike PackLessons only


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